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Friday, October 15, 2010

Chestnut Hill Trad Pt.2

Hit Chestnut Hill again Wednesday afternoon w/ Denny G. & Danny B. From the bolted route, we continued up & East to put a couple more trad lines up.


Conrad said...

That wall looks good.
There is some nice exposure on the arete.
Did it protect well? How is the face to the right, it looks good? How far is this from the bolted climb?

Carl said...

From the top of the bolted route, continue up & negotiate a short headwall, then up to another. Follow the wall left & down slightly; then continue to follow it around & up to the fin featured in this post. Sounds complicated, but not that tricky & it only takes ~5 minutes.

The arete protected well at the start, small gear; a couple constrictions that took small nuts, used my red C3, then a red ball-nut... From the stance in the first pic, there are a couple exposed moves above pro to reach a large ledge. One hold, which I ultimately *had* to use, moved somewhat, but stayed put. The top of the climb is choss- I put a couple large cams between two boulders that I *thought* would be okay, then belayed off my harness from a braced stance. ~5.7ish... I'd give it a PG for pro.

After Denny cleaned, we dropped the rope over the overhanging side of the fin for Daniel to climb.

The face right of the arete looks good up to the large ledge, but is pretty short.

Conrad said...

Carl, Thanks
Any signs of previous climbers (pitons, RURPs, etc.)?
This is some great adventure climbing you're doing, hope it keeps coming.

Carl said...

No telltale signs of previous climbing so far- the various crags between the main cliffs at Loudon & the bolted route at Chestnut Hill Rd *appear* to be virgin.

I was at Balcony Jr. Saturday w/ J.Kelbel, Indy & co; might post a brief T.R. w/ a few pics. I think John has visited Short Mtn, described it as a long approach for a relatively small outcropping (maybe 40' wide, ~30' tall). I'll check it out at some point.

Hope to climb some more at the WV crags this week.

Conrad said...

Oh, really, JK has been up there. I would have never guessed because it is so remote but someday I want to take a hike up onto that mountain because it is.
Looking forward to word on Balcony Jr.
Thanks for the update