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Friday, October 15, 2010

Chestnut Hill Pt.2 (cont.)

Just up from the fin in the previous post, Daniel takes the lead on this classic dihedral.

Dennis seconds the route.


Conrad said...

Again, Great post.
How do you get to this crag? Which direction do you walk from the Chestnut Hill bolted line?
How much climbing is there at this cliff?
How difficult were the climbs you did?
How was the gear, the anchors, the style of climbing (stemming, finger locks, hand jams, etc.?)? What type of gear did it take?
Did you park along 340 and walk up Chestnut Hill Rd?
How many more lines were there up there?
Is the approach difficult?
Can't tell you how great it is to have you searching out new climbs and posting on the blog.
Many Thanks

Carl said...

This crag is within sight of the previous one, just up & over a bit more; negligible approach, but no established trail. One must take constant care in all of these areas, as 340 is directly below, albeit a ways down.

The photos don't do justice to this route- quality route, ~5.6 w/ good pro throughout (med. cams) & trees to belay from up top. Don't remember jamming much- mostly climbing the face on the right side of the dihedral, sometimes utilizing a crack in the corner, passed a couple overhangs on the right.

This was the obvious line to do on this wall, but there at least a couple other moderates just left of it awaiting ascent.

There is A Lot of rock between the main cliffs at Loudon & Chestnut Hill- just a matter of getting out there & making the effort.

For the crags we've climbed thus far, I've parked along 340 just down from Chestnut Hill Rd; I also parked there when scouting the pillar. For some of the other crags, I'll park by Loudon Hts & take the trail to the top, continuing on to the power-line cut.

Love the adventure this area offers, always happy to share!

Conrad said...

Thanks. I added some more icons to the Google Map. I added the Chestnut hill crag, the 340 parking area that you use, a question mark at the top of the mountain where some unknown rock outcropping shows on satellite images, a question mark on "Short Mountain" downstream of Loudon Heights, the limestone canyons area upstream on the potomac, and I think that is all. Thanks for the posts, they are great. The gear, grade, approach info is crucial beta too, thanks.