Mountain Project Map - Harpers Ferry

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2nd Pitch: Up From The Cave Ledge

From the belay, I proceeded up the steep wall left of the cave.
I picked up a red ball-nut in September & I think I've used it on every trip to HF since. Here it is the placement to the left.
There was an old piton near the start of the climb, as well as a stuck TCU higher up- signs of previous passage. The 1st Pitch is shown on Rob Savoye's topo, but without any route info. The 2nd Pitch isn't described anywhere that I'm aware of, but has certainly been climbed before.

The route finishes at a single bolt (which you can supplement with gear); we made 2 rapp's from the anchors at Hard-up.

For an unpublished route, I found this line to be very aesthetic. As I'm pretty much snowed-in right now, I decided I'd take the time to share.


Carl said...

This describes the continuation of the climb in the post below.

Conrad said...

Great post. Thanks for the story and photos. Looking down at the train tracks in the last image in the second post is really awesome. I know you guys are snowed in like crazy up there but hang in there, Spring is coming. I've been thinking about Harpers Ferry a lot lately. I'm wishing I could be up there to do some climbing on that stone.

PS With lots of moisture and cold temps you might be able to find some ice to climb.