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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Added more details

I added more details to the Loudon Heights page, the main climbing page as well as adding a seperate page with notes for the Shenandoah River cracks.

If you get out to Harpers and gather some photographs feel free to share them.

Send them to conrad at harpersferryclimbing dot com (email address).

In the photo I'm climbing "Air Show" 5.11 at Skink Rock.

Photo by Jeff, Carl or Indy? I can't remember, sorry guys.


Carl said...

I checked out Loudon Heights for the first time yesterday afternoon & with minimal exploration my partner Daniel & I found some promising lines (as it turns out, we were 'Looking upward at location 4').

After racking-up, I started up the face (shown in the photo to the right), making occasional use of the arete with my right hand as I fiddled with gear; this section was adequately protected with C3s. I also passed an old, rusty piton in a horizontal on the way up to the handcrack. The crack splitting the top of the headwall was a lot of fun- short, but steep & pumpy enough that I didn't mind too much. This pitch gets all the stars- stellar climbing on good, clean rock. ~5.8+

From the belay ledge (beware large loose blocks), I thrashed around in an arm-eating, overhanging off-width to the left ; I removed a couple loose, brick-sized chocks for the next party, but reason won-out & I opted to follow a line up the face to the right. This pitch wasn't as clean as the 1st, but had some fun moves of its own; the rock is suspect in places, but if you're selective, there is always decent rock for holds/ gear. I'm afraid I avoided the fun-looking crux just before the belay- but with the benefit of a toprope, my second finished in better style.

Instead of following 4th class terrain to the top, we rapped down the lichen-encrusted face right of the climb, landing just around the arete from where we began (we were using doubles- I don't think a single 60m rope would quite reach the ground, though it might make it to within an easy scramble).

Before we left, Daniel led the dihedral (left photo) in fine form. ~5.6

Thanks again for sharing- I'll continue to do the same.


Conrad said...

Thanks for the update Carl.