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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Harpers Ferry Rendevous

On Sunday August 9th, 2009 I will be climbing at Harpers Ferry with friends.

We are meeting at 9am in the gravel parking lot adjacent to the Cindy Dee Restaurant. We will carpool down to the parking areas along the Potomac River and hike up to Skink Rock to top rope and lead trad climbs. Bring a friend and meet us for some climbing fun.

Questions?, Comment here. we'll get back to you.

See you there!


Carl said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm pretty sure I haven't previously climbed at Skink Rock, but it looks fun. I have to work that night, but I should be able to join you 'til ~3pm or so.

-Carl Orr

Conrad said...

Great. I don't know how the timeline of the day will go but you should be able to do some good climbing with us in that amount of time. See you sunday. Keep our eye on the weather.

Carl said...

None of my regular partners will be able to make it Sunday, so I hope you won't mind me exchanging belays with you & your friends. I've been networking online with other Baltimore area climbers & could extend the invitation if you wish... but I didn't want to post an open invitation on another forum without asking first.

Thanks, -Carl

Conrad said...

Join us, it's fine. I was gonna say let's keep it small for now cause I don't know what I'd do if lot's of people showed up but what the hell, post it, let's see what happens! Just make sure they understand it is a meeting of climbers and not a guided sort of thing. I wouldn't want to assume responsibility for inexperienced people who came independently of an experienced person. Also might want to make sure that people know if they climb on the main face area they have to register in town. Anyway, hopefully you will enjoy the rock at skink rock and anywhere else we wander on sunday.
See you soon.

Carl said...

OK, Thanks. There's still a strong likelihood that I'll be showing up solo, though (so don't worry about hordes of new climbers showing up with me). See you out there.