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Friday, February 24, 2012

A Small Milestone for the HFC blog (10,000 hits)

This won't be news worthy to most of you but the HFC blog hit counter shows 10,000 hits. Impressive!
Thanks for staying tuned over the last, oh... 3 years or so. Before this version there was Harpers Ferry Bouldering which died and came back as the and HFC blog sites. I'd also like to point out the multiple generations of climbers to be represented through the last 3 years of blog posts. Get connected, stay connected, reach out and share with other individuals to support the next generations, and most importantly be safe and have fun out there.
Many Thanks

Monday, February 20, 2012

Trad Routes - MD Heights - January/February 2012 Ascents

(Edited 11/17/2015, Metropolis was revised to be called The Broadcast. See Mountain Project for details) The sampling of warm weather this winter has provided great opportunites to try some new lines on the cliffs around Harpers Ferry.  In the past month, Martin Leska and Dan Montague have been pushing outward from the well traveled terrain to explore rock that to the current collective knowledge has not seen ascents.  Please post comments if you are aware of historical ascents, and share any photographs if you have them available as we all love eye candy.

As I've said before, the main cliffs of Maryland Heights are the bullseye on the Harpers Ferry rock target.  And, just like the bullseye on a real target, the main cliffs are a small percentage of the total area on which to set your sights.  Don't get me wrong, aim for the sweet spot and hit those main, popular lines. But, don't be afraid to stray off center and venture into new terrain once you have sampled the prime established lines and are comfortable and competent on the rock.

You now have two, newly reported lines to consider on your next visit.  I'll include the descriptions as written by the ascentionists to preserve the first hand experience.  The first picture features a