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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Climbing History - Follow Up

After the previous post on Harpers Ferry climbing history I was in contact with Rob Savoye (publisher of the first online Harpers Ferry climbing guide) who was one of the early documented rock climbers at Harpers Ferry. Rob's response to the SMC carabiner was as follows:

It was probably Alex Badant's (now deceased). He climbed over there a bunch of times in the early 80s, and none of the rest of us went there more than once or twice. SMCs have an interesting history in Catonsville actually... Back in the early 80s,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Harpers Ferry - Climbing History

Recent exploits in Harpers Ferry have brought me in contact with a lot of Knifeblades, Lost Arrow Pitons, RURP's, and the finding of long lost climbing gear that was dropped. I thought it would be fun to track down the age of 2 pieces of gear to put an age range on what could be the first known ascent of a route or to just get a sense of when the climber who placed or dropped the gear was on that cliff.

According to Rob Savoye "climbing" in Harpers Ferry began about

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter 2010 - Installment 4

Welcome to the New Year. 
We ended 2010 Harpers Ferry Climbing with a bang. New Years Eve found us starting the day in Shepherdstown, WV at a great little local restaurant called Betty's Restaurant. The windows were steamed when we approached and the service was warm once we were in side. It's a tiny place on Main Street between the Lost Dog coffee shop and the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop. Betty's serves a great breakfast with some really delicious biscuits and fantastic local sausage from a butcher in Sharpsburg, MD (just 5 miles away). I'd heard about Betty's for years but never stopped in to try it out. I should have stopped in long ago.

With full bellies we hit the road and