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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter 2010 - Installment 4

Welcome to the New Year. 
We ended 2010 Harpers Ferry Climbing with a bang. New Years Eve found us starting the day in Shepherdstown, WV at a great little local restaurant called Betty's Restaurant. The windows were steamed when we approached and the service was warm once we were in side. It's a tiny place on Main Street between the Lost Dog coffee shop and the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop. Betty's serves a great breakfast with some really delicious biscuits and fantastic local sausage from a butcher in Sharpsburg, MD (just 5 miles away). I'd heard about Betty's for years but never stopped in to try it out. I should have stopped in long ago.

With full bellies we hit the road and
drove to Harpers Ferry.
We planned to spend the day at Balcony Jr. on Elk Ridge in Maryland. After getting gear we hit the road and started hiking up to the cliff.

The scenery is great.

Evan and Ryan take it in after arriving at Balcony Jr.

This was Ryan's first time climbing at Balcony Jr.. He was psyched after seeing the routes.

 We set up anchors and got down to business.
Ryan and Evan about to rap down.

How many times have you gone out to a cliff and forgotten to take photos of the climbing because you were having such a blast? Well, that's what happened to us. We were having so much fun we didn't take any action shots but can you really fault us. New Years Eve at a sweet crag, sunny weather in the 50's after weeks of cold weather, beautiful scenery, and only fun in our forecast.

Happy New Year!

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ktothero said...

I've had breakfast at Betty's! It was great. And what a gorgeous spot!