Mountain Project Map - Harpers Ferry

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Advertising Experiment

As an experiment, I have decided to allow advertisements to be placed on the blog. I don't know what kind of money will result from allowing the advertisements on this site but intend to channel whatever funds (if any) are generated into anchor maintenance/replacement/installation at Harpers Ferry. I'm doubtful that much will come of this but thought it would be worth trying. If it provided enough for even one belay station per year then it seems like it could be worth it; That is as long as the positives aren't outweighed. I'm told they will soon appear. We'll see how it goes.Thanks

Monday, June 27, 2011

Freshen Up

When we go somewhere frequently, travel the same roads or trails, and view the scenery from the same angles over and over we tend to stop seeing and appreciating the wonder of a place, or person for that matter.  So, freshen your image of Harpers Ferry with a view from Short Mountain, VA.  The photo was taken by Carl Orr. In the photo you are looking

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Session

Today was a fine summer day for hanging out in Harpers Ferry.
 It began with a trip to Shepherdstown, as usual, for some coffee, breakfast, and a sandwich for lunch. I then drove down to Harpers Ferry and parked at the Widespot below Loudon Heights. Due to some litter issues this area has been reduced in size. The first half now has No Parking signs and the second half appears to be open for parking. There were probably 15 cars parked there today. I stopped there to visit the New Dawn boulders and check out the projects we discovered this past winter.  The rock was wet from rain last night but the projects still looked fantastic.  Though that side of the gorge stays wet for a long time I knew that in a couple hours the Maryland side of the gorge would be dry. 
Next, parking at the pull off at Sandy Hook I hiked up to