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Monday, June 27, 2011

Freshen Up

When we go somewhere frequently, travel the same roads or trails, and view the scenery from the same angles over and over we tend to stop seeing and appreciating the wonder of a place, or person for that matter.  So, freshen your image of Harpers Ferry with a view from Short Mountain, VA.  The photo was taken by Carl Orr. In the photo you are looking
roughtly west up the Potomac River, toward Harpers Ferry. You can see Elk Ridge, MD with Balcony Jr. (upper left cliff with lots of pine trees above it) and Balcony Rock (just left of center) clearly visible. You will also be able to make out the powerline clearing.
Thanks Carl.

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Carl said...

Didn't find anything on Short Mtn that warrants a return visit, myself: lots of rock, but truly awful quality (choss). I've been in the HF area a few times this Spring, but no new tales to tell. I'll post some pics when I'm able (technical difficulties). Sorry I missed you while you were in town, Conrad- thanks for posting!