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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Session

Today was a fine summer day for hanging out in Harpers Ferry.
 It began with a trip to Shepherdstown, as usual, for some coffee, breakfast, and a sandwich for lunch. I then drove down to Harpers Ferry and parked at the Widespot below Loudon Heights. Due to some litter issues this area has been reduced in size. The first half now has No Parking signs and the second half appears to be open for parking. There were probably 15 cars parked there today. I stopped there to visit the New Dawn boulders and check out the projects we discovered this past winter.  The rock was wet from rain last night but the projects still looked fantastic.  Though that side of the gorge stays wet for a long time I knew that in a couple hours the Maryland side of the gorge would be dry. 
Next, parking at the pull off at Sandy Hook I hiked up to
the Balcony Rock boulders, then up to Balcony Jr. and the lower highlands where I ate that delicious sandwich for lunch. After that I hit the Tiers and did some bouldering on the classics down there. The two problems I was most after were Hog Maw V1, and Greasy Spoonin' "V2" (Note: Greasy Spoonin' was no V2. It is probably V3 to V4)

The School Bus Turnaround at the end of Sandy Hook. This is how you want to park.

After a couple good boulder problems came the best part of the day. A short (10 minutes) hike over to Harpers Ferry and I was at the Secret Six Tavern on High Street (no, that is not tongue in cheek).  

The back deck overlooks the main cliffs where I could see a party of 2 climbers climbing up the main face. Cheers!

After 3 pints of "Miners Daughter Oatmeal Stout" I headed back to the Maryland side for some slightly intoxicated sending.  I managed to climb The Tennessee Stud V5/6 on the Underground Railroad Overhang and was content to call it a day. The bottom crux on this problem can be frustrating but I used the buzz to push through the diffiiculty and get to the jugs. Two added bonuses were a really nice birds nest with eggs in it, and a blackberry plant with a few ripe berries that awaited when I topped out. Luckily the bird nest wasn't on the line I was climbing.  

The Underground Railroad Overhang, 25 feet of overhanging sweetness

Click on this photo to see a larger version with a purple line showing the line I take on "The Tennessee Stud" (and circled holds). Also shown (pink line with circled holds) is "The Underground Railroad" V7/8. Note that the wall to the left is off for the Underground RR.
By the way, someone lost a blue ATC at the base of Balcony Jr. I hung it on a tree at the left end of the wall near the Sunshine Wall Bouldering.
Hope your day was good.
Get out there and have some fun..

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