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Friday, November 18, 2016

Stinger Arete breakdown

The Stinger Arete is a V4 boulder problem in the Highlands area of Elk Ridge, MD. It is a long overhanging problem that follows the right arete of the overhanging wall.
Scott on The Stinger Arete
There are two main exit options and the grade fluctuates a little between the two. You can easily step off of the problem at any point because the ground mirrors the angle of the wall. The arete has a mix of jugs, downsloping rails, and crimpers linked by flowing moves. The difficulty crux seems to be the powerful first move though the problem it isn't over until you manage the sloping topout.
Rather than describe the problem move by move I'll let photographs do the work. Read on...

The Iron Pickle breakdown

The Iron Pickle is a V4- boulder problem on the Throne boulder in the upper Highlands area on Elk Ridge, MD. It is about 25-30 feet tall and involves both slab and roof climbing. The problem has a secret hold that is pretty much invisible from the ground, from the top of the boulder, and from any nearby vantage point you can gain by climbing or walking. The physical crux is probably getting to the secret hold but the mental crux is moving upward from there. The landing is pretty flat and has a rock or two sticking out but nothing close to being jagged and gnarly.
The Iron Pickle climb the slab and comes out the overhang and up the headwall.
Below are photos taken by Coco Boan. She did a good job of capturing nearly every move on this problem. Thanks go to her.
View and read onward for the beta...

The Secret Six breakdown

The Secret Six (V5) is a bouldering problem in the Tiers area on Elk Ridge, MD. It is found on the overhanging side of the tall skinny block that also hosts John Browns Body and Isaac Smith Arete. It is maybe 50 feet uphill from the road.
Drew sitting at the base of the problem preparing for a go. In this photo, you can see the opposing starting vertical sloper features and the right hand crimper divet as well as the first vertical sidepull for the right hand.

Some of you are likely asking yourself at this moment, "Why is it called a V6 when it is a V5?". Well, the answer to

Thursday, November 17, 2016

More Bouldering Photos - Saturday November 12, 2016

More bouldering photos have trickled in from this past Saturday, November 12, 2016. These are all compliments of Coco Boan. Thanks to her for taking pictures and sharing them.
Jeff spotting Drew on a problem in the Outlying Area.
 Click the "read more" link to see more photos...

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Crowded Woods and Magnificent Sending

Jeff, Coco, Scott, Conrad, Steve, and Drew. Off doing some rope climbing and not in the photo are Courtney and Greg. The Throne Boulder with The Iron Pickle looms over our heads. Photo Credit: Steve Emswiler
Steve E mid-air after going for broke on the Iron Pickle and coming up short; As much of  a source of inspiration as a full blown send. He landed over-rotated but without injury. Photo Credit: Coco Boan
This past Saturday, eight climbers met in the woods at the base of Elk Ridge, MD to boulder and rope up on the quartzite stone. For those of you who don't boulder in the woods of Harpers Ferry you probably don't know that most of the time it's you and the trees. Eight people together makes the woods feel crowded to those of us who are often by ourselves so we joked that we were feeling claustrophobic. In reality we were quite happy to be sharing our climbing with others. When me met, not one person knew everyone else. We were all a stranger to someone. By the end of the day though, that was no longer true. We had new friends and great memories. The strangest of all of us was my friend Scott. He was in Maryland helping me with a job. He lives outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, and had never been to the mid-Atlantic region before. I was beyond happy to have him up and to show him Harpers Ferry climbing and to have others join us and make it a more social day. Scott climbs a lot of fantastic stone in New Mexico, including quartzite, and likes a little spice in his climbing diet. There were a lot of climbs I wanted to show him but I definitely had one thing in mind as a goal. 
Last time I was out with Jeff and Steve, we started at the Balcony Rock Boulders and moved up to the Outlying Area. We didn't want to cover the same ground again so we started our day with