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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Skink Rock Session Went Great!

The below photo was taken after our Skink Rock climbing session which lasted from about 9:30am till about 5pm. It was a long, shady, breezy day of climbing. We all did at least 4 climbs and some of us did closer to 12 routes. We top roped climbs, and lead cracks on trad gear. Carl took a nice fall on a cam and caught nothing but air on his way down. Indy showed up to sign some books, kiss some babies, and shake some hands. Two people and a dog are missing from the photo b/c they had to leave a bit early. In the photo from left to right is Michele, Indy, Aura, Jeff, Conrad, Carl and the town of Harpers Ferry. The two missing persons are Ryan and Larissa and don't forget their faithful companion Sadie the black rock dog.

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