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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Refined the updates

I added a few more things to the site. Updated the Giggling Boulders with a couple images. I also refined the update on the Loudon Heights Main cliff area by labeling where the photos are taken from by putting numbers in the overview photo. Now you can navigate to some of the great climbing at Loudon Heights more easily.

This might be one of the last updates for a while. Most of the trip to MD photos are up here on the blog and I won't be getting any new info unless Jeff, Ryan, or one of the other crew send in pics.

Enjoy this short video of a Hog Nosed Snake on Maryland Heights.
This type of snake is non venemous so it has some other mechanisms to be intimidating. 1. Hisses loudly 2. Flares a hood like a cobra (which you can't see that well in this video but look at the pic lower down in the blog to see the hood flaring!)


PS Don't go poking snakes b/c we did.

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