Mountain Project Map - Harpers Ferry

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Highlands Maps

A local crew is headed to check out lines on Balcony Jr, get photos, and do new lines.

Here is a map for the Highlands to help navigate. I'll get a page up sometime with the maps, problem info, etc.. for the highlands but for now this should help!


cadaverchris said...

where is skink rock in relation to these formation?

all i saw on the skink rock page was 400 yd north of maryland hieghts - i'd like to get out there this fall.


Conrad said...

Chris, you have to poke around in the woods, upstream of the main cliffs, and uphill in elevation from the main overlook. Go to the overlook and walk uphill and upstream. The cliff is not visible from above so aim low and look up through the forest to see it.