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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter 2010 - Installment 3

France? Spain? Where can you find beautiful limestone?

In Maryland, across the river from
Shepherdstown, WV is a limestone crag with some good rock climbs. The approach is about 1/4mile walk on the C and O canal, the limestone is white/black/gold/blue, and the climbing is fun. Just across the river is a town with cool amenities, Shepherd University, cool restaurants of all  scales and costs (for frugal climbers I recommend Kazu , the Blue Moon Cafe, Tony's or Tommy's pizza joints, the Mecklinburg Inn (tavern)), the backdrop to this cliff is the Potomac River, and Harpers Ferry is just 15-20 backroad minutes away. You could also bring some nice clothes and have a Bavarian dining experience at the Bavarian Inn . They have a great basement dining area called the Rathskeller where you can get some good beer and food such as rabbit, venison, pheasant, boar, etc.. Don't forget the Lost Dog coffee shop and the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop.

You can learn the location of this cliff from the Harpers Ferry Climbing Google map. There are other cliffs adjacent to this one that do not have climbing potential due to bad rock quality. You can pick this cliff out by the distinct three tier overhang at the bottom right side of the cliff. Since this cliff has probably only seen 3 climbers it still has the occasional loose hold and vegetation. When you're climbing pay attention to the sandy lenses mixed in with the limestone. It makes for beautiful elliptical dishes. Up higher on the cliff it seems to transition to pure limestone so the holds are different than lower on the cliff. Height is about 50-60 feet. Enjoy

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