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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holidays at Harpers Ferry

Christmas in Harpers Ferry (image borrowed)

Look for updates after Christmas and New Years... if the weather cooperates. We hope to
have new information on Balcony Jr. such as updated route information, and new photos.

We are also hoping to get some solid bouldering shots for you boulderers out there.

***Remember, Elk Ridge faces south and gets sun all day long. It is a perfect winter area. Ideal conditions are 40 degrees, no wind, and full sun. When all of those elements line up it feels more like 50-60 something on Elk Ridge.

Happy Holidays
Climb Safely


semswiler said...

I'm sure hoping the weather cooperates! It's been close to a month with unfavorable conditions. Keeping my fingers crossed we have a no precip./minimal wind day next week!

Conrad said...

I'll take what comes. I don't know if I'm as motivated as I use to be but in the past I have hiked up to the Starlight Boulder in the snow with a shovel and a broom. Yep, learned that trick off of the old website. Clean it one day, climb it the next.
Crimp Beastwood, climber badass (AKA Clint Eastwood in the non climbing world), said it best when he said "You have to ask yourself one question. Do I want it? Well, do ya punk?"
In case you have never watched the uber classic "Dirty Harry" go rent it.