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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter 2010 - Installment 2

Today started bright and early with a trip to the Shepherdstown Sweet Shop (bakery) and The Lost Dog (coffee shop) in Shepherdstown, WV. All good days begin this way. A chocolate covered cake donut and a ham/egg/cheese croissant for breakfast, grab a sandwich for lunch (The Winston=tuna salad on a delicious onion roll), and then a delicous brew by the The Lost Dog. This morning it was a jasmine green tea with honey and cream. Then, it was Harpers Ferry time.

The day went as follows:
1) take the back way to HF from Shepherdstown, 2)Stop at the Widespot to scope Loudon Heights, 3) take lots of photos of Loudon heights cliffs and scope rap anchors, 4) discover three NEW kickass boulders, 5) get really excited and text those who might care, 5)return to car, go to the gas station for supplies and proceed to Elk Ridge 6) do a little house cleaning around balcony and proceed to send the circuit of problems 7)figure out new easier beta and then fall off after the crux on a problem I have only sent once in 15 years 8)using the new beta fall off one move away from another now less hard line, 8) hike up to balcony jr for some route business 9) nap at the base of balcony jr in mid 40's temps in the sun on a crashpad, 10)more routes and discover an old piton, 11) return home, stuff face, and crash.

View towards Washington DC from Loudon Heights.

 Harpers Ferry from Loudon Heights.
 The Potomac is slowly icing over.

The New Dawn boulders, discovered today. There is a 4th one uphill that is a slab. The center one of these three has a 15ft long overhanging line that looks fantastic and difficult. I'd guess V6 or harder. These boulders are uphill of the Frontier about 50 yards and downstream of Loudon Heights by about 50 yards. I had never approached them from the right direction to be able to see their faces. From above you can't tell that they are climbable. There is a black glove for scale in the second photo.

Today's tick list @ Balcony Rock bouldering
2,3,7,8, fall on 4, fall on 5, 11,13,14,15var,19,20,21,26,24,25. You can see problems 19-26 below.

Two Balcony Rock bouldering shots. First shot is #8. Second shot is #11 (fun, even has a kneebar). Remember, I'm 6'3" so I make boulders look smaller than they are for most people.

Balcony Jr. with route lines drawn and bouldering areas circled. The blue water streak is seasonal. There will be new lines going in soon since it's dry right now. This cliff is more overhanging and has more climbs than I remember. It's also taller than it seems from the photos. It's about 70 feet at it's tallest.

 Look for the hanging rope to see that the cliff is overhanging.
 What else needs to be said.

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