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Friday, December 10, 2010

Helicopter View - Harpers Ferry

Ryan Smith of "Chase and Smith Photography" and "Ryan Smith Photography"
( & ) recently flew over Harpers Ferry in a helicopter. Ryan took some photos from the air and has made them available to us. Please check out Ryan's other creative professional photography endeavors at the two websites listed above.

The first three photographs look northward at Elk Ridge ( You will see
Balcony Jr ( along the powerline clearing. Down and to the left is the Tiers Bouldering Area ( Down and to the right is Balcony Rock ( The small town in the right side of the first photograph is Sandy Hook MD.

 The below photograph is a shot of Balcony Jr ( from the east. This angle gives the cliff a very different look.

The next two photographs showcase the train bridges and tunnel along with the main Maryland Heights cliffs. These photos look eastward toward Washington DC along the Potomac River.

The final shot (a little blurry due to the lighting and the helicopter window) showcases the main cliff of Loudon Heights.

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