Mountain Project Map - Harpers Ferry

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Assorted Images

Enjoy some images of Harpers Ferry from a variety of angles within the gorge.  The first photo captures a climber with all of the traditional climbing gear. These photographs were taken by Carl Orr.

Here the climber moves upward on the main cliffs of Maryland Heights.

 There are two pillars in the gorge. One is north of Maryland Heights (sign wall cliffs) and the other is across the river in Virginia. Below, Carl Orr is pictured on top of one of the pillars.

Loudon Heights profiled against Short Mountain.

Here you'll see a view to the east from the powerline clearing on the Virginia side of the gorge.

The town of Harpers Ferry as seen from the top of the mountain on the Virginia side.

Looking at the confluence of the Shenandoah and Potomac rivers where the train tracks cut through the mountain through a tunnel.

The sign on Maryland Heights.

This view is from the middle of the cliff. The sign is on the wall in the left side of the photograph.

The last photos are classic shots of the town of Harpers Ferry. Notice the coal in the cars being pulled by the engine.

Looking up at the train tunnel wall


Conrad said...

Carl, can you identify the climber in the first photographs and identify which pillar is in which state?

Carl said...

The top two pictures depict Daniel Bedell leading the start of Hard-up. The next one shows me atop the pillar at MD Hts, with a pic of the pillar on the VA/WV side below it.