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Friday, July 15, 2011

Creature Feature

Some climbing areas are just about the rock and you're companions. Those are the places that are not aesthetically pleasing for whatever reason, trash/graffiti/other urban elements, or maybe the rock is chossy or unnatural and ugly due to scarring/excavation/quarrying/human induced aesthetics. We frequent these places to get in a work out and settle because of the proximity to home or work, and often because they are easy to get to. One of the greatest elements, in my opinion, to a great climbing area is the natural aesthetics,
the natural romance, whatever you want to call it. A great place offers more than just the rock and you're companions, which a gym can do just as easily. It is those other features which we can't recreate indoors and the features which we had no hand in designing or shaping that really appeal. Along those lines, check out one of Harpers Ferrys special components, Lizards and Skinks. I dug up some old photographs, have a look. Also, check out this link to a photo of the Common Five Lined Skink, which you'll see if you are vigilant.

The first photos are of the Broad Head Skink.

And these little guys are called Fence Lizards if I'm not mistaken. On the males you will see blue patches under their throats.

And one black snake for good measure. Photographed at Balcony Jr, a couple years ago.

Enjoy these creature companions while you're out there.

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