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Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Flurries

... of climbing activity that is.

Indy and his band of Maryland climbing afficianados have been climbing at Balcony Jr. They have been exploring new lines  and have come up with some good ones with climbing difficulty anywhere from 5.6 to 5.11.

He reports that Balcony Rock continues to see climbers. They visit it for the great low to mid range difficulty climbs that it offers.

There is also word of bouldering activity on Elk Ridge. I'm hoping this aspect of Harpers Ferry Climbing will pick up. There are so many good boulder problems on all kinds of terrain that everyone can go home happy.

Remember, the climbing on Elk Ridge is the perfect Maryland winter climbing location. The sun hits this south facing hill all day long. The conditions on a calm, sunny, 40 degree day are absolutely unbeatable.

Below are some photos compliments of Indy and his crew. See previous posts for more photos on Balcony Jr.

 Lori trying not to flame out on "The Founder's Forge"

Carl working up "Mojo Filter"

 Carl getting down with "Grooving Up Slowly"

 Carl fighting his way up "Serious Callers Only"

If you want to share photos from your Harpers Ferry Climbing adventures just send an email to Conrad at harpers ferry climbing . com with your best shots or post a comment on this blog with your story.


Carl said...

Calling the 5.7 "Mojo Filter." A good day to be out (& we obviously weren't the only ones to think so)!

Conrad said...

Sounds like their was a buzz on the mountain.
PS. I changed the name of the climb on the post.