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Monday, November 15, 2010

Highlands Bouldering, Elk Ridge Maryland

The Highlands of Elk Ridge have some really nice boulders. This area has a great feel to it as these boulders sit far up above the noise of the river, the roads, and the train tracks that run through the gorge. The Highlands area is above Balcony Jr. HERE(map) HERE(rope) which has been featured in previous posts. See the Bouldering guide for info on the area.

Steve is climbing near Bulge Tour, Ears are for Corn, and Butter Balls

You can see Left's Last Stand coming out the flat shaded roof.
Steve on one of a couple cool overhanging problems in the Upper Highlands. In the guide these are problems #77-81. These photos were taken from below problems 75 and 76 (Iron Pickle Project).

Steve climbing The Struth. HERE This boulder is 50 feet left of Balcony Jr. This boulder has an engraving on it from the 1800's. If you click on the photo to see a larger version you can just see the engraving (rt of climbers head).

This overhanging face has the top Super Project boulder problem in Harpers Ferry, HERE. The Super Project is problem #61 in the guide. From what I can tell this problem is probably V10 or harder. The holds are a downsloping finger rail, a shallow two finger "Pocket", a distant crimper and some other holds. What really makes it hard is that the feet are pretty bad. Bring your guns!. When you are up there try the orange colored arete to the left of the overhanging face, Dan's Arete. This problem was put up on a very cold winters day by a guy named Dan.

This highball with some "easy" projects. We use to call the most prominent one the Iron Pickle Project. It has been tried but never climbed. The photo looks directly at the Lone Ranger with Cheken Head Chuck just visible on the left end of the boulder. Problems #74,75 ascend the prow on the right end. The Iron Pickle Project is just out of view on the right side. This photo was taken from the boulder with problems #71,72.

 Below are some other shots of the boulders in the woods and one boulder that looks very much like a rabbit.
Taken from on top of the Iron Pickle Project (#76) looking downhill. On the left side of the photo you can see problems #77-81.

The bunny boulder.
This boulder is one of the three boulders below the Super Project (#61). (Problems #52-57)

Thanks to Steve E. for the great photos of the Highlands Area.

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