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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Parking Tickets Issued at the Turnaround near Sandy Hook MD

It's been reported that
this past weekend people were ticketed at the School Bus Turnaround near Sandy Hook, MD. This turnaround has no parking signs posted but two slots outside of the turnaround have been in use by multiple user groups for 15 plus years without known ticketing. It looks like that may have come to an end. My guess is that since people ignored the obvious signs and parked directly in the turnaround lanes the police ticketed everyone, regardless of location. As I've stated before, if you park in the turnaround you will irritate the locals and be disregarding obvious signs not to park there. We may have lost our prime spot for Balcony Rock and Balcony Jr. I recommend using the other parking options within the gorge for the time being and let this settle down.

The following is the account from this past weekend:

I was at Balcony Rock this weekend, and arrived shortly after a police officer had given each vehicle in the turn around spot a parking ticket. Now I understand you can't park in the turn around spot, but I thought it was OK to park two vehicles on the most western edge of the turn around spot, just a little past the last "No Parking" sign. There were 5 or 6 vehicles total, two in the area I always thought was OK to park, and the other 3 or 4 were truly taking up the entirety of the turn around area. They all received parking tickets.
Thanks to Jonnie for the update.

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