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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Guide House Grill (old Cindy Dee Restaurant location)

On my way to and from last weekends bouldering excursion on Elk Ridge I noticed the Guide House Grill is the newest establishment in the old Cindy Dee Restaurant location. The Cindy Dee had shut down and was replaced by a family restaurant for about a year. The Guide House Grill has taken up the location and it looks like a great prospect for post-climbing trip dining based on their website, menu, and speaking with them personally on the telephone. I was unable to stop and eat because of family obligations but I intend to have a personal experience first chance I get.
Their logo includes a paddle so I asked if they were boaters, meaning river lifestyle outdoor enthusiasts. They are. The boater community is a brother/sister community to the climbing community in Harpers Ferry, shares a similar dietary intake to climbers, and also worth noting that the community is admirably successful in procuring boater access privileges to parking and their resource. I say these things because I used to kayak and be a part of the community.
I have long tried to promote, and quite unsuccessfully, eating options in Harpers Ferry and to promote an establishment where a community could spontaneously occur "off the rock", meaning not at the crags or boulders. I think the primary reason for the lack of success is that the options I promoted always had an access catch, but what could I do about that. They were out of the way or had strange hours or were more touristy establishments with mediocre food. The Guide House Grill has none of the previous catches as far as I can tell. The only current downside seems to be that they don't yet serve alcohol. I say "yet" because in my telephone conversation I was informed that they have submitted paperwork to be able to serve alcohol and are hoping that will come through by mid-late November of this year. I don't know about you but delicious brews shared with friends are much desired after any climbing session.
Please, check out their website and menu and they even have a Facebook page to follow. Judge for yourself and let others know. It would be really nice if they succeed in filling the role of a local restaurant that serves healthy food and delicious brews with easy access for hungry, parched, chalky palmed climbers. Hope to see you there!

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