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Monday, October 17, 2016

Early Fall Bouldering 2016

The great temperatures, dry air, and the coming of fall colors set the stage for a perfect day of bouldering with friends (Steve E., Jeff B., Conrad S.). We met early on a Saturday morning and made our way to the Balcony Rock boulders to sample the easier problems and warm up our bodies. We ended up running a circuit of problems V5 and under, limiting ourselves to three attempts at most on any given problem. This way we kept moving and didn't lose momentum at one particular problem, as so often happens. The goal was to get to the upper Highlands area. As we began circuiting problems our talk quickly turned to particular problems that gave each of us trouble or seemed to be wrongly graded, in other words sand-bagged.  After a few hours of bouldering we had climbed a bunch of great problems, taken some good pictures to capture the action, settled on revised grades for those troubling problems, and even established a new problem together. Our revised grades have been meshed with the existing Mountain Project beta, some description text has been revised, some pictures added, and the new problem we all sent together is now in the database. 
The tick list went as followed, and pictures are below the tick list (click "read more").

Balcony Rock Boulders

  • Skippy's Flapjack
  • Crescent Glide
  • Y Equals X
  • Wreck Tangle
  • Tetris
  • Ramped Up
  • Fruit Cake
  • Finger Fillet
  • Slinky and the Slime Mold
  • BiCeption
  • Dirty Hooker

Outlying Area

  • Dish Network
  • Duped by a Rubber Goat
  • The Portal
  • Cove Arete
  • Covert Op
  • Crash Quartz in Crimping
  • May The Quartz Be With You (NEW)

Steve on Ramped Up
Jeff starting Ramped Up
Jeff on BiCeption

Jeff on BiCeption
Steve sticking the sloper on Dirty Hooker and topping out (next two photos)

Steve about to start Dish Network

Steve sticking the sloper on Dish Network

Conrad on the sloper of Dish Network

Moving past the sloper

Rolling out onto the slab.

Jeff taking his turn at Dish Network. The grade for this problem has been adjusted after we all got on it together.
We stopped by a part of the Outlying Area for which I didn't have a good photograph. This photo is now on Mountain Project.

We also stopped at another block in the Outlying Area that hasn't yet been added to Mountain Project. It mostly contains projects. We scoped some lines and moved on to the Cove.

project scoping

At the Cove in the Outlying Area

Steve on The Portal

Steve on The Portal

Jeff working his way up The Portal.

Steve about to get on Covert Op

Looking downward at Steve on the upper part of Covert Op. We revised the grade for this problem.

Jeff working on Covert Op

This problem has some great inset incut crimps that require precise footwork if you want to use them for feet when you are higher up on the problem.
Steve working on May The Quartz Be With You

Jeff working on May The Quartz Be With You

And that's all. Thanks to Steve and Jeff for a great day.
Get out there and grab some stone.

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