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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

See Mountain Project for new HFC Climber Activity

If you want to see news or signs of activity on climbing at Harpers Ferry I recommend going to the Harpers Ferry page at Mountain Project.. I don't have the material or time to keep the blog going but want to connect you to information so you can get out there and enjoy everything the area has to offer.

I've noticed that some climbers have been visiting the crags of Harpers Ferry and then logging their ascents on They've also been contributing their ratings. Most are positive but there is always one or two who are the negative nelly in the bunch and throw the ratings off by low balling the quality. Some climber "Kirby" has given a "bomb" or 1 star rating to some of the classics. These are routes that many well traveled climbers agree are top notch for Maryland routes. We all know that there is better rock/routes out there but don't take it upon ourselves to dump on the local resources. My advice is to pay attention to the positive reviews and make the trip to sample the routes for yourselves. Dwelling in the negative makes life suck.
Climber on "Oh, My Eyes" at Skink Rock. See for more. Pic by Josh S.

I found a few nice pictures that
some climbers posted on I've borrowed them for eye candy in this post.See for the originals and authors.

Rags to Riches 5.9 @ Skink Rock
RunWilburRun on Jun 2, 2013 said "Great route that protects well."

Next up, also at Skink Rock, is Carpet Crack 5.8. Again,
RunWilburRun on May 31, 2013 said " Fun route! I was able to stem the whole thing. Used a C4 #3, #4, and #5."

And if it hasn't hit you by now then let me point out that you should take a second to go on and post your photos and contribute to the consensus grades and ratings. Other climbers do use the site for beta and motivation to get out and visit the crags. And in our busy lives who doesn't need some extra motivation.
Thanks all.

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