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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gym to Crag & The Future of Fixed Anchors

I want to share two very important topics with you. They both affect the resources available to us within the water gap at Harpers Ferry and they both were recently discussed in the "Vertical Times" publication from
the Access Fund. You can view the entire issue at this LINK.

The first topic/issue, arguably more important as many more people fit this user group, concerns the transition of a climber from the indoor climbing gym to the outdoor crag.

Please take a moment to read this image that I scanned from Vertical Times (click on the image to see a larger version)

The second article will not seem as applicable to most of you because very few of you are doing route development that requires fixed anchors. But, I would say that it is an issue for all to be aware of because you do climb on the anchors others place and having general awareness of good anchor practices benefit everyone. Read below for a discussion of where things are headed in this nation and a mention of some good basics to be aware of. If nothing else, just scan the bulleted items listed as some Key Takeaways.
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