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Monday, February 11, 2013

School Bus Turnaround parking spots

Some climbers have reported receiving parking tickets for parking at the school bus turnaround at the western end of Sandy Hook, MD. I had posted prior to these tickets being issued HERE & HERE with instructions on how to park. People received tickets after these posts so I thought I'd look a little closer at the signs.

This spot is used to access Elk Ridge climbing (Balcony Rock, Balcony Jr., Outlying Area, all of the bouldering, etc.). Carpooling is required because there are only 2 spots at this location.

I examined the signs at the turnaround. There is the central sign saying no parking in the turnaround and on both sides of the semicircle are directional parking signs. They indicate, with arrows, that parking inside of these signs is not allowed. The spots that appear to be legal are outside the No Parking zone and are not in the actual turnaround. If the two spots are full you must find somewhere else to park. Please adhere to the rules for parking in this area and keep this issue "off the radar". Parking is already very limited and to lose these prime spots for accessing all of Elk Ridge would be a huge loss.

If you are at this parking area and see other people parking illegally then please, using your own judgment, consider educating them on the fines that have been issued and work to maintain this access point.

See the Parking page of the HFC Web Guide or the HFC Google map for more parking options and information.


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Conrad said...

In recent discussions it has come to light that a small amount of individuals received a ticket when parked in the spots outside of the School Bus Turnaround. The signs clearly indicate that parking to the right of these spots is illegal but there is no indication that parking in the left most spots (in the green circle on the images) is illegal. I recommend contesting those tickets based on the signage at the turnaround. I believe they also reported the tickets were very inexpensive ($5 ?) so you may also not find it worth your time, just relaying the info.