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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ice is Nice

(edited 2/7/13)

It's winter and some of you are searching for ice to climb. It doesn't seem to be an abundant resource in our area and it takes special conditions for it to form. I wanted to share some possibilities for those who are on the hunt.

First, recall a previous post and possibly the best ice, though access issues exist, in Harpers Ferry [ HERE ].

I stopped in at a waterfall in Harpers Ferry this past weekend to see if it might be frozen. Since it had rained
recently most of the rivers in the area were flooding. This creek was no exception. The spray from the waterfall did coat the rocks and trees to make a pretty scene but there was far too much water flowing for ice to form in the waterfall. The Latitude and Longitude for the falls is 39.320349,-77.712388 . It appears to be in Virginia. The creek flowing over the falls into the Potomac river is Piney Run.  There are three honest-to-god legitimate parking spots, with clear signage, just above the falls so the parking factor shouldn't be an issue. Here are some quick photos of the falls. Though the drop isn't that tall I know that if it had ice we would all play on it, regardless of size.

Also, I recently posted on some limestone cliffs near Shepherdstown, WV.  Well, just downstream of these rock climbing cliffs is a smaller cliff/embankment with ice flows. The quality varies depending on how wet things are but this past weekend there was some ice to be toproped. It is likely a mix of dry tooling and ice most years but occasionally it is a fat year and it's all ice. If you go and climb on it I'd love to see a comment or photos on your experience. It is maybe 50 yards downstream of the triple overhang cliff.


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