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Friday, February 8, 2013

Dining Establishments - Update

I stopped in at River & Trail Outfitters to explore for potential solutions to what seems an inevitable access crisis (ie parking) for climbers visiting HF. While there I spoke with a very knowledgeable employee by the name of Kandee.  She turned me on to all kinds of information including two dining establishments you may want to visit while in HF. I had mentioned I
enjoyed the Secret Six Tavern and she relayed these two other locations that are very nearby and likely have easier access for those who choose to drive in to town.  I updated the Harpers Ferry Climbing Google map to include the two establishments and have posted some information below. Check out their menus and keep them in mind.

Canal House Creamery and Cafe @
It looks like they closed and will re-open on February 15, 2013. See their facebook page for updates/info.

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