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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Robin's Bouldering Blog features some Harpers Ferry rock climbing

Please check out Robin's Bouldering blog which is currently featuring two posts on climbing at Harpers Ferry.

The first post is on a trip to the Train Tunnel Wall and the second post is on a bouldering tour of Elk Ridge.  He tells of his encounters with exposure during his first roped adventure in a long time and he created a nice video of some Elk Ridge boulder problems.  Robin gave his experience at Harpers Ferry a positive review.

Many thanks to Robin and Dan for coming out.

Post #1 on his rope climbing adventure HERE
Post #2 on the bouldering tour with accompanying video and pics HERE  and video embed below



Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible that this blog has been up for some 3 yrs now, covering ALL development of harpers ferry from recent to historic, bouldering, trad, mixed, ice, sport, hell even aid!...yet, not 1 mention of the cave which hosts arguably the 6 best lines in all of harpers ferry?? how/why is "area of which nobody speaks" not in any of the 100's of blog posts/guides on here? weird

Conrad said...

Dear Anonymous, I am going to assign you a name so that you have an identity, even if it is fictitious. Let's use Matt. Okay Matt, first, thanks for noticing all that has been covered by the blog; It seems you have been following along and know the extent to which the blog has gone in covering Harpers Ferry climbing. I'm flattered to see it has been noticed and that the place I love and the people who share that love and their adventures are being experienced by others.
Next, I noticed that you are aware of all the styles that Harpers Ferry has to offer, kudos, but seem to favor the style of sport and particularly difficult sport. I apologize for not covering your favorite rock climbs and will keep your preferences in mind for future posts. Please understand that there is a lot of climbing to cover at Harpers Ferry, 100's of climbs in fact and limited contribution from followers such as yourself. I've tried to include as many folks as possible in this project and reach out to others but I've found that climbers do not always possess the humility required to work with others on a project bigger than themselves and bugger off when it doesn't go their way.
As far as the cave goes it has 6 out of 100's of rock climbs and they are all the same style. While they are good routes they are just more rock climbs that I haven't gotten to yet.
Last, it is obvious that you are not in need of information on the cave so I'm not sure why it is so important to you to have these 6 routes be featured; maybe you can provide some explaination on that uncertainty? I hope you are able to get out to HF to climb and I hope my lack of coverage won't turn you away from climbing at HF.
Best to you and go grab some good Harpers stone, it'll calm your nerves.

Anonymous said...

sent you an e-mail

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.