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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bouldering Grades.....sandbagged!? Oops!

I've had some inquiries lately from different people about the grades of the bouldering problems as shown in the guide.  Unintentionally, a large portion of the grades may be sandbagged. Please take the grades with a grain of salt and keep in mind that the problem may be harder than the grade it is given in the guide. This is due to having the problems wired from years of circuiting on them, I thought V4 was the end of the line of my abilities, I'm tall so my beta is different than a lot of other climbers, and these problems just haven't seen the kind of traffic other areas get so the grades are not based on a consensus rating.  Don't let the mis-rating get you down. Just get out there and enjoy the climbing and then pass on to your friends what you think it should be graded. Eventually they will settle in on being accurate.
Thanks and Enjoy


mdguides said...

Even if the grades are stiff, the climbing is great!

Conrad said...