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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maryland Heights - Ho Hum, Another Project ;)

The latest exploit is left of the flat face where the Sign..
 Route is found. This one is still a project, I think.  I know of no documented history on the line.

Here it is! I tried to find some of the old pictures I had that made it look as steep as it is. Unlike "Black Tie Affair", this route is really short (~35 feet of hard climbing), but it's got a few v6 (maybe7?) moves right in the middle, with a v4 leading up to them and a v4 following them.  The route is all natural protection.

Resting before the crux.

Feel free to share your Harpers Ferry rock climbing adventures. If you have tried new routes or done anything that could be of interest to others in the community, have photos, etc,  please email .  Contributions are what make this blog go 'round.

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