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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Balancing the Sugar to Medicine Ratio

A strange flying woman, who makes climbing seem awfully ridiculous given that you could get to the top of that cliff with an umbrella, once said that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.  Lately, it's been all sugar here on the blog so don't whine as I deliver the medicine.  Just open wide and digest the following educational information from the Access Fund. 

In the recent Vertical Times publication, that I receive from the Access Fund as a proud member, was a piece called "The Ecology of Climbing".  It contains important information that is relevant to all who rock climb but I think those persons who have visited Harpers Ferry, particularly Balcony Jr., will find meaning in it more than others, at least I hope.  It should also illuminate other actions that we could be taking so allow your conscience to stray into the area of ways you could should be participating (guilt trip).  I scanned it as a jpeg so you can read it here or you can view it on page 6 of the recent Vertical Times HERE.  If you find this type of material to be interesting then you should check out the Access Funds Climbing Management Planning webpage and their very informative Climbing Management: A Guide to Climbing Issues and the Development of a Climbing Management Plan.

Now, Swallow!

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