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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Action Filled Update on Black Tie Affair Project

Despite rainy conditions Martin and Dan made a go at the Black Tie Affair project. Apparently, the wall overhangs so much that even in the rain it is dry and climbable. Not until the sun came out did they have to abandon their efforts as it became too hot to hold the crux holds. They were not able to put the whole climb together on lead but they have improved and done the most difficult crux. They have provided some great photographs for your viewing pleasure. Many thanks to Dan and Martin for being so generous and open with their fun.
First things first. Thanks to some community harassment Dan has his safety in order.

The above photos are a side shot of the route. You can see the steepness of the route.

Crux gear,

Dan at the end of Crux #2

Dan resting at the end of crux two.

Dan resting up for the final section. It looks sooo good.
Gear for the final crux.

Martin coming up the route.

Martin had the following to say about their day via Facebook:
Today I opted to lead the rte with preplaced gear knowing that the top may be impossible for me.....but what worst can happen anyway....fall no big deal right? .... Not true.
After climbing the rte my rte name suggestion would be- Primal Fear. Anybody leading the rte will totally get the name especially at the top section.
The 3rd crux is protected by over cammed blue metolius on long sling as extension placed in flaring shallow seam. Fall at top of the Crux you are 12' above plus slack.....
I'm glad I fell only 2 times as it was most liberating and scary fall in long long time. 
But letting go was f^#*ing scary as sh*#:( good night we have to train harder:)

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