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Thursday, January 5, 2012


I wanted to immediately post, following the prior post on new routes, to comment on the diversity of climbing in Harpers Ferry. The gorge has all styles of climbing currently available (trad, top rope, aid, bouldering, sport, and ice) except for plastic indoor climbing. Given the diversity of styles, the number of people in the area, the history of nearby areas such as Seneca, the proximity of modern climbing gyms, a tendency for climbers to be egotistical, a climbing culture that likes to encourage "owning" climbs and claiming routes, and the tendency for people to identify with a certain "style", friction can sometimes develop. BUT, I'd like to take a moment and remind you with photos about the roots of Harpers Ferry and the positive, sharing, adventurous attitude of climbers like Rob Savoye who first brought this area to light. It's about brotherhood, respect, inclusion rather than exclusion, and good times. Thanks Rob for setting the tone and teaching us what it's really about, Cheers!

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