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Monday, January 9, 2012

Climberism Magazine - Free Digital Climbing Mag for us...kind of

Do you ever jones for northeast/midatlantic/"anything east coast" climbing news, photos, anything, everything!?

Well, I do.  There is something about climbing in the dank, dark, leafy, humus rich, dripping wet woods of the east coast Appalachians, and like mountains, that will never grow old for me. I crave it and I love it. I could do without the ticks but hey, it isn't like they can kill you.

The problem is that the east coast, particularly the Mid-Atlantic region, is underrepresented in the media stream. Now, I don't want to go letting out the secret on all of our super, travel-from-anywhere-in-the-world, climbing crags but
a little bit of coverage would be nice. I would be very pleased to see some Mid-Atlantic climbers flexing their guns and flaring their hoods (that's when your lats flare like the hood on a cobra) on local rock and I would not complain if those shots were closely followed by a photo of clinking glasses of delicious, foamy, local beer that looks like a stream rich with the tannins from fallen leaves, or a little darker and stouter.  Yes, I know, we have had some famous folks from the gyms between Baltimore and DC but there was a missing component, our very special, practically family, cliffs and boulders.  Outside of our local blogs, to whom I'm very very thanksful, there just isn't much in the way of printed material to grasp and leaf through over and over and to allow us to feel the pride that only a mother of a gnarly, stubby, dirty baby knows.

Now, once upon a time there was a small rag called "Boulderdash" magazine. It mostly represented the southeast and has long since bit the dust but it was a great publication and covered all kinds of great southeast climbing.  Then there was/is New England Bouldering dot com. I use to participate on this site back in the late 90's when I was getting into climbing with hopes of one day, some day, being included in that community but alas it wasn't to be. The problem to me was that it focussed on the Northeast exclusively, not touching on the Mid-Atlantic region. Well, my hopes are renewed!...slightly. I tripped across a free digital online magazine called "Climberism". It seems to be based out of the Adirondacks area of New York, or somewhere up there, but I did immediately see a feature on the New River Gorge and on Governor Stable bouldering. So, though it is still a New England based publication and it is digital rather than paper (I'm old fashioned I guess), it does seem to branch out into other eastern areas.  It also touches on that west coast, rocky mountain crud that everyone covers and frankly that I could give two bits about (I'm kidding... kind of). Anyway, enough of my local pride, you can sign up for a free subscription in exchange for your email address. Also, if you would like a t-shirt then you need to refer 5 friends and voila, you are clothed. That being said, 5 of you need to be my friend and click on the following link and sign up for a free newsletter and subscription, get to it!



Jonnie said...

Subscribed. You're 20% closer to a new t-shirt. =)

Climberism said...

Thanks for the post, hope we get to send you a shirt!



Conrad said...

Spectacular, I have 5 friends! Also, it seems we have been noticed. Thanks for visiting, Dave of Climberism.