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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BLAM! Project Sent

Revised on 8/18/11, "Learning To Fly" beta update
(The Bouldering Guide has been updated 8/16/11)

I'm happy to report on some recent bouldering activity in Harpers Ferry.
Alex took a quick phone pic of the problem. It's overhanging, bad holds, bad feet, longish moves, and pretty rock. You can catch site of this problem in the Harpers Ferry Climbing Tour Part II video when a hand comes into view on the starting hold. Admittedly the pic doesn't do it justice, but it's a glimpse none the less.
Alex Brown and his buddy Ethan have been working on sending projects and repeating established problems. Alex reports that he and his buddy Ethan have been focused on the Harpers Ferry Super Project problem #61 in the Highlands and successfully climbed the problem on Monday (8/15/11) morning. Alex suggests it is about V8/9 in difficulty and is calling it "Learning to Fly".  They have also repeated "The Underground Railroad" and both think V7 is a good rating for the problem. You can read Alex's account below. Learning to Fly is the now the most difficult bouldering problem to be climbed at Harpers Ferry, to my knowledge.

Early this morning me and my buddy Ethan went over to Elk Ridge to get on the Super Project (Problem #61 - Lower Highlands). I had worked on it a bit 2 months ago and it seemed like it would go so I was anxious to come back and try it. After a good half hour I had dialed all the moves in and it went! I thought the name "Learning To Fly" would be appropriate for it, hence the huck to the crimp off horrible feet, and I think it is in the V8/V9 range.

 Just wanted to hit you up with this little update and also say thanks for putting together such a good guidebook - I personally think this is an awesome crag in an amazing setting and hopefully more people will realize that soon!
 Alex Brown
 P.S. We also went over to the Underground Railroad - and it is an awesome climb! We both managed to send it and think that the grade is V7.
BETA UPDATE: Alex provided a quick note on his beta so others know exactly which line he took.
Also forgot to mention in the last post, for Learning to Fly I started matched on the flat crimp before moving out left to the three finger "pocket". After sticking the crimp throw I topped out a little to the left - not using the jug flake thats off to the right.

If you are reading this and think you can pull off a second ascent, get to it, confirm Alex's suggested grade for "Learning to Fly" and let us know what you think.

Other remaining Super Projects in Harpers Ferry are problem #6 at Balcony Rock (V10/11?ish), and the newly discovered New Dawn Boulders project (V6/8?ish, found on Loudon Heights above the Frontier, see photo).

The start is deceiving. You can't see that the bottom of the boulder. It sits in a small cove so that the start is lower than is visible in this photo. This problem is a combination of arete and face crimps/rails. It's about 15 feet worth of climbing. To get to it go to the Frontier bouldering area and walk up hill along the top of the cliff at the Frontier. The boulders will be on your left about 100 yards uphill from The Frontier area.
 Thanks for the updates, Alex.

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