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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Session at Balcony Jr.

Balcony Jr. was the focus of some Spring climbing action over this past weekend. Carl Orr grabbed some great photos of the weekends activities. I don't know the names of the climbers in these shots. If you know their names, feel free to post comments. Enjoy the images and click on any image to see a larger version. Thanks Carl.

A group of climbers hanging out below Balcony Jr.

Setting up the anchors with the Potomac River and Loudon Heights in the background.

Climber working up the ledges below Cold Steel Corner.

Climber on Founders Forge.

Climber about to enter the upper half of Cold Steel Corner

Cranking out the bottom of The Paymaster 5.11/12
Climber on The Paymaster

Climber cranking through The Paymaster

Climber (black shirt) starting up The Paymaster

Climber (black shirt) cruising up The Paymaster

Climbers hanging out on Founders Forge

Climber starting up Serious Callers Only.

Two climbers cranking up the gradually overhung face of Serious Callers Only and Gavitas Free Zone

Serious Callers Only

Climber further up Serious Callers Only

Two climbers hanging out on the face. Climber on the right is heading toward Cold Steel Corner and the climber on the left is heading up Serious Callers Only.
 Looks like the weather was great and fun was had. Thanks again to Carl Orr for the photos.


Jonathan said...

I've never seen that many people at Balcony or Balcony Jr at one time before. I think there were 11 or 12 of us out there and 6 ropes put up. Was definitely an awesome day to go climbing. Thanks, Carl, for sending all these pictures in!

Conrad said...


Ryan said...

When did these climbs get names? I like them.