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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Climbing History Links by Rob Savoye

Rob Savoye has assembled four pages that detail his climbing days at Harpers Ferry. Please enjoy the stories and photos.

Climbing Gear

Original Climbing Guidebook  (Scan)

Maryland Heights Climbing Photographs

Climbing Related Stories


semswiler said...

Awesome to see a glimpse of our area's climbing history. Keep it coming...I'm enjoying the reading!

Also, went out Sunday (we are having a break in the weather). I'll be sending in some pics.

Conrad said...

With Rob revealing these stories and photos I'm getting this satisfaction at being part of something bigger. Seeing that I enjoy Harpers Ferry in the same spirit as Rob and his friends gives me this sense of connection that is like finding long lost brothers.
Send over those pics when you get them. Thanks