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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mid Atlantic Bouldering Video

Watch this bouldering film of some local climbing and climbers. It seems to be centered around the Mid-Atlantic Region. I recognize problems from Coopers Rock, Rocks State Park, and Whiskey Springs. There are some other areas in it that look good but that I'm not familiar with. This film is by Kevin Catlin and I first discovered it on

What would it take to get problems from Harpers Ferry into a film like this?
How many of you have bouldered at Harpers Ferry and what areas have you visited?
Do you have favorite problems you would like to see in a video?

Conglomerate from kevin catlin on Vimeo.

1 comment:

JRizzle said...

John Browns Body, the Secret Six, Hog Maw, and Greasy Spoonin in the Tiers area aer fun climbin.
The Cove stuff is pretty sick. Some of the stuff in the Highlands looks good but haven't gotten on it yet. Moonshine Boulder has a couple good ones too. Also the long problems on the underground railroad overhang.