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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Appetite for Images

I seem to have an insatiable hunger for images of Harpers Ferry. After 50 pages of google image results here are some more images taken from the web. I have put the links to the pages where the photos originate at the bottom of this post. (***These are not my photographs)

Panoramic shot looking downstream from the town.

Looking down the Shenandoah toward the gap.

A nice train shot with the cliffs in the background.

Looking at the main cliffs.

Main Cliffs

Main Cliffs

Looking over the rooftops in Harpers Ferry toward the Main Cliffs

I believe this shot if from the 1970's. Main cliffs in the background.

Looks like a winter time shot late in the day.

Probably taken yesterday, just kidding. This is a Civil War period photo.

Another Civil War period photograph.

I think this is a 1970's shot from John Van Horn.

Climber on the Main Face of Maryland Heights.

Image of a practice rescue on top of Maryland Heights.

Ah, the overlook.

An old post card featuring "Chimney Rock" which is the freestanding pillar on Maryland Heights. There is also one on the West Virginia Side of the gorge.

Now to the famous Jefferson Rock.

A very crowded Jefferson Rock.

An old postcard of Jefferson Rock. "Sick Pursuit" 5.11/12 is under neath the giant boulder Jefferson Rock sits on. It is a roof trad crack climb.

Looking downstream on Jefferson Rock.

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